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History of the National League of Nursing


Incorporated on 13 March, 1917 as the National League of Nursing Education, the District of Columbia charted its course as both a local organization and a constituent league affiliate.  Later as the District of Columbia League for Nursing (DCLN) and currently as the District of Columbia / Maryland League for Nursing (DC/ MD LN), the rich history spans almost a century.

It is a history filled with the energy and vision of untold numbers of nurses, and nurse educators as well as other dedicated health care professionals, who have served as its foundation. The organization has been tenacious and creative in its efforts to remain strong and is focused to thrive as members work to celebrate its centennial and beyond. One such effort was petitioning the National League for Nursing to allow our Constituent League to restructure as the District of Columbia and Maryland League for Nursing.  Permission was officially granted in June, 2009.

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The District of Columbia/Maryland League for Nursing is a regional nursing organization that facilitates access to education, resources, and information for entry and professional advancement in the field of nursing. As a constituent league of the NLN, the mission of the DC/MD LN is congruent with that of the national organization.  We strive to support excellence in education across all levels of nursing.  In that regard, a major focus of the DC/MD LN is to support faculty by fostering networking opportunities among the various schools in our area.